Meet Nichole


Nichole's Story

As a single immigrant student trying to find my way in Canada, I faced many hardships and personal struggles, depression, suicidal thoughts, including deportation for several years.

Through those years of hardship, cooking was one of my happy places. I created an Instagram page where I could share photos of my food with the rest of the world. But I knew that I wanted to do more than just post photos of food on social media. I always wanted to create something that would bring a smile to many faces through my business. 

My business is my success story because my struggles lead me to create something for myself and encourage other young girls and women in vulnerable and difficult situations never to give up. 


How Was Kare Granola Born?

I come from a family of nine children, so food always was a big feast growing up. Everything was made from scratch. Before I started my food business, I loved cooking because it was a way to bring family and friends together. When I started thinking about turning my passion for food into a business, I didn't know how to go about it. I tried various food ideas, but I wasn't sure if they were the right products. 

Then one fateful morning, I was awoken by the aroma of fresh bakery at 4 AM. My sister was visiting from the UK, and being jetlagged, she woke up at 3 AM and started baking. I walked into the kitchen and saw trays of freshly baked granola crunch everywhere. I was amazed at how tasty they were. The exciting part was that I didn't know that you could make granola from scratch, and baking wasn't my strongest suit. 

I love granola so much that I'd buy a pack from the grocery store and finish it within a couple of days. But it was always hard to find healthier options. I started creating various granola recipes and shared them with friends. The feedback from friends and family was fantastic, and that is how Kare Granola was born.    


Why Kare Granola?

Kare Granola is the first black-owned granola business in Canada and the only business that offers customizable granola options across Canada. 

Kare Granola is dedicated to making more than just granola. We care about what goes into your bodies. That is why our products are specially handmade with organic, plant-based, gluten-free, and non-GMO ingredients that are valuable to your health and taste even better. They are lightly sweetened with natural coconut sugar and are preservatives-free. 

Our ingredients are locally sourced in Canada and packaged in re-usable, eco-friendly kraft paper bags that are recyclable.