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4 Things To Look Forward to at our 2nd Year Anniversary


“One of the things we always wanted to do at Kare Granola is to build a supportive and positive community. A lot of the things that have been done and accomplished since Kare’s inception has been driven by this value, from hosting outdoor hikes to sponsoring student bodies and donating nutritious granolas to nursing departments. We are so grateful and overjoyed with the support as everyone accompanied us along the journey and we look forward to making more meaningful impacts - together - here onwards.”

- Nichole Nzegwu

This year, we are not just aiming to build a community of like-minded people; we are also dedicated to making a positive impact supporting a cause close to our hearts. With that said, we are excited to announce that this 2nd Year Anniversary will be a fundraising initiative for the Sunnybrook Hospital! Half of the proceeds from the event goes to Sunnybrook Foundation. Let’s rally our collective generosity and passion together to create meaningful changes! 

EVENT DATE: Saturday, August 12, 2023 starting at 1:00 PM

EVENT LOCATION: Sunnybrook Park Picnic Area #6

RSVP: Eventbrite

Curious what to expect at the outdoor party on Saturday August 12th, 2023 at Sunnybrook Park (Picnic #6)? Check out these top 4 things everyone’s looking forward to! 


  • Field Day of Games

    Why stay at home when summer is at its height! This is a wonderful opportunity to bring friends and family, especially those with kids to bond over fun games and team challenges. 

    The Kare Team has prepared a set of outdoor games to kickstart the event, where you will complete various challenges with some teamwork spirit, creativity, and of course good laughs! 

    It is family friendly for all ages, so bring your little ones - or little ones, bring your big people - and join us for an awesome Saturday! Put your game hat on and be ready to win some prizes!


  • Mason Jar Painting

    Unleash your creativity and paint your own mason jar! But wait, that’s not the end of it - the Kare Team will fill it up with your choice of granola flavour right in your masterpiece! Kids and young adults will surely love this. 

  • Community Building
  • Come to connect and learn more about good causes that amazing organizations are doing and how you can partake! Kare takes pride in working with these organizations that are driven by a good cause, such as advocating for packaging-free, sustainability, and food availability. 

  • Special Treat: Henna
  • Do you like therapeutic hand art that is also good for your skin? This special treat is brought to you by one of our Kare Team members who takes pride and passion in Henna. The henna material used is made from plant paste and applied in various designs on your hands leaving them feeling cool and a beautiful art for next few doays. 

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